the vegan gel lacquer

Made in France, the 1944 Paris Vegan Gel Lacquer line is Vegan and Cruelty-Free semi-permanent gel, composed of up to 80% ingredients of natural origin.


This gel is intended for professional use in beauty salons that wish to provide customers with a natural semi-permanent nail gel service.


This pollutant monomer-free formula, with zero health risks, offers high quality results with 12-day hold and lasting shine! The colors look deep and vibrant, and nails appear naturally curved.


Available in 42 shades.

To thank our teams, each shade of Gel Lacquer is named after a woman in our company, who has played a role in both the existence and success of 1944 Paris.


The wide, flat brush with rounded corners allows for easy and rapid application, as it is perfectly adapted to the shape of the nail.

Cure under a LED lamp for 1 minute.

The three-step protocol allows you to quickly perform this nail service in your beauty salon.

Base Coat Gel and Top Coat Gel are essential to ensuring shine, long hold and rapid removal.

1944 Paris Vegan Gel Lacquer is removed in the same manner as a classic nail polish in under 5 minutes, without damaging nails.

Available August 2020

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Vernis Fabriqué en france

made in france

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