Notre histoire 1944 Paris

A new vision of beauty

Founded in 2017 by the Delrieu family, Maison 1944 Paris is French and independent. The quality of the products and the formulas combining cosmetics and care, put the brand in a Responsible Beauty approach.

An obsession: take care of yourself. The choice to do well, the choice to innovate and always offer noble and active raw materials.

Notre histoire 1944 Paris

1944, year of freedom

In France, women get the right to vote in 1944. This year, a symbol of freedom and emancipation, is a key step in the long struggle for equality: our voice is heard for the first time.

It is a tribute to this struggle that continues today, this symbol, that of the fighting woman, independent, confident ...

Our pace marries our daily life: we want it character, strong and assertive.
Notre histoire 1944 Paris


Femininity is synonymous with gentleness and grace, but also strength and affirmation. The crazy effect of a simple stroke of lipstick, the magnetic aura of a fatal look, the immediate freshness of a complexion worked: the modern woman dares to boost its look and confidence.
Makeup does not hide, it sublimates.
It sublimates the naturalness of a sparkling detail, a touch of color, this little twist that allows us to assert ourselves, we feel strong, sophisticated, sure of us.
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