The Powders

La Lumière Enlumineur Poudre Or
the Light-Reflecting Powder combines the best of powder, liquid, baked and cream formulas to create extreme luminosity.
32.00 EUR
La Poudre Universelle 1944 - Compact Powder
Universal Powder by 1944 Paris delivers a natural satiny finish for a luminous and even-toned complexion.
21.00 EUR
La Transparente 1944 - Mattifying Powder
Silky smooth powder that doesn't settle into fine lines (soft-focus effect).
27.00 EUR
Le Fard à Joues N°3 - Blush 1944
Formulated with a baobab oil base, the silky smooth 1944 Paris blush glides over the skin, leaving a long wear matte finish.
21.00 EUR
Le Rose aux Joues Nude Affection
Instant healthy glow, a touch of freshness on the cheeks.
25.00 EUR
Le Voile Lumière 1944 - Nourishing Powder
The first balm elixir that combines the ultra-nourishing lightweight dry oil film with the powdery aspect of powder-based makeup.
27.00 EUR
L'Ensoleillante 1944 Medium to Dark - Bronzing Powder
The 1944 Paris bronzing powder adds an exceptional matte and luminous finish to skin.
32.00 EUR
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