The Accessories

The Accessories

Le Pro Blender 1944
This iconic sponge, in the form of a water drop with an angled side, allows for perfectly even foundation application.
12.00 EUR
Pinceau Blush 1944 - Blush Brush
This brush made of wavy synthetic fibers subtly illuminates face and body in no time at all.

22.00 EUR
Pinceau Estompe Paupières 1944 - Eye Blender Brush
This brush with soft synthetic fiber bristles has been specially designed to create a color gradation.

17.00 EUR
Pinceau Eyeliner 1944 - Eyeliner Brush
This beveled eyeliner brush made of straight synthetic fibers makes application easier, allowing you to precisely trace a smooth, intense line right along your lashes.

15.00 EUR
Pinceau Fonds de Teint 1944 - Foundation Brush
The foundation brush features a rounded design. Its straight double synthetic fiber bristles ensure an even, quick and professional result.
26.00 EUR
Pinceau Lèvres 1944 - Lip Brush
This brush makes your delicate lipstick application easier thanks to its synthetic fibers that do not absorb saturated pigments.
15.00 EUR
Pinceau Ombreur Paupières Doubles 1944 - Duo Eyeshadow Brush
This synthetic fiber eyeshadow brush features two ends. One flat end for applying shadow all over the eyelid or contouring, and a second end with a pointed.
19.00 EUR
Pinceau Poudre 1944 - Powder Brush
This rounded powder brush made of wavy synthetic fibers is perfect for rapid, even application of all types of powder.
29.00 EUR
Le Taille Crayon 1944  - Pencil Sharpener
1944 Paris’ must-have tool for sharpening all the shades in the range.
7.00 EUR
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