The Eyes

The Eyes

La Palette La Mystérieuse - The Mysterious
Purple Red and Copper Eyeshadow Palette.

« The Mysterious » Eyeshadow Palette gives you a fascinating, easy-to-use look. It includes glittery shades in pink, purple, red and copper.
38.00 EUR
Le Crayon Paupières Twist Up 1944 Blackberry - Eye Pencil
An all in one pencil: eyeshadow + pencil + liner.
18.50 EUR
Le Duo Kajal 1944 - Eye Pencil
This double-ended pencil in nude and black offers exceptional, creamy glide-on properties. It dries to leave an ultra-long wear waterproof finish.

19.50 EUR
Le Gel Sourcils 1944 - Eyebrow Gel
This transparent gel tames and sets eyebrows. The essential step for a complete eyebrow routine, it leaves a protective layer over your eyebrows, holding them in place.
16.50 EUR
Le Mascara Volume Intense 1944 - Intense volumizing mascara
The 1944 Paris mascara provides intense volume and remarkable length, leaving lashes looking flawless all day long.
18.50 EUR
Le Noir Absolu Mascara 1944 – Absolute Black Mascara
An hourglass-shaped brush that releases a formula enriched with a special peptide, which thickens and lengthens lashes for sensational volume.
21.00 EUR
Le Reflet d'Ombre - Jasper - Shadow Reflection
A creamy and easily blendable texture that perfectly melts over the eyelid, adorning the eyes in vibrant color.
27.00 EUR
L'Eclat Sourcils
The eyebrown highlighter eyebrown pencil

Add luminosity to your eyes with this double-ended eyebrow pencil. The pencil has a creamy, matte « light pink » tip on one side and a shiny « champagne pink » tip on the other.
20.00 EUR
L'Esquisse du Regard 1944 Warm Chestnut - Eyeliner
These eye pencils may be used in a myriad of ways: around the eyes as an eyeliner, along the inner rim as a kohl or over the entire eyelid as eyeshadow.
16.50 EUR
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