Vegan semi-permanent nail lacquer gel

semi-permanent nail lacquer gel

The 1944 Paris Lacquer Gel range, made in France, is a VeganCruelty Free semi-permanent gel, composed of up to 80% natural ingredients.
This gel is intended for professional use in beauty salons that wish to offer a natural semi-permanent gel service.

The formula

Its formula is guaranteed to be free of polluting monomers and safe for your health and offers high quality performance with 12 days of shine and wear!
Colors are deep, vibrant and nails are naturally curved.

Gel top coats 1944 Paris

The vegan gel top coat

The vegan gel top coat
10 Day Hold
Catalysis in 2 Minutes
Removes in less than 5 Minutes with an Acetone-free remover
Hold / Shine / Luster

The long-lasting gel top coat

The long-lasting gel top coat
More than 15 days lasting
Catalyzes in 1 Minute
Removes in less than 10 Minutes with acetone remover
Hold / Shine / Luster

The range of natural gel lacquer

Available in 60 colors.

To thank our teams, each shade of Gel Vernis is named after a woman in our company who contributed to the existence and success of 1944 Paris.
The range of natural gel lacquer

The use

Its wide and flat brush with rounded corners allows an easy and quick application by perfectly following the shape of the nail. Catalysis in 1 minute under LED lamp. Its three-step protocol allows for quick application in the beauty salon.
Base Coat Gel and Top Coat Gel are essential to ensure shine, hold and quick removal.
The Vegan Lacquer Gel 1944 Paris is removed like a lacquer in less than 5 minutes, without damaging the nail.
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phone : 01 41 68 10 00
Made in France
Made in France

Discover our semi-permanent lacquer made with natural ingredients

Inspired by the benefits of nature, this vegan gel polish is designed and produced in France according to both ethical and ambitious specifications. Like all our products, it is cruelty free and its manufacture complies with strict environmental standards. The 1944 Paris semi-permanent gel lacquer recipe, made with 80% natural ingredients, makes it an exceptional semi-permanent gel for professionals.

Our values at the service of your eco-responsible approach

Much more than a simple cosmetic product, 1944 Paris gel nail polish is the result of the marriage between French luxury and responsible cosmetics. Our range of semi-permanent nail polishes perfectly reflects the aspirations of the woman of the 2020s: active and independent to the end of her nails, she wants to cultivate her femininity and assert her style without harming the environment.

Innovation within the reach of all beauty salons

Our cosmetic experts share their know-how with nail beauty professionals. Their objective: to provide you with natural gel nail polishes, made in France with noble raw materials and without danger for the planet. Faced with the challenges posed by global warming, the challenge is twofold: to raise awareness among professionals (and their customers) of innovative practices and, on a larger scale, to reduce the impact of the cosmetics sector on the environment.

Ecological cosmetics: a virtuous circle

At 1944 Paris, we know how demanding you and your customers are. When we created this line of gel varnishes based on natural ingredients, our main challenge was to imagine a semi-permanent varnish that contributes to the protection of the environment, animal welfare and human health while guaranteeing you a high-end finish. After several years of research, our team has developed these vegan semi-permanent varnishes with incomparable shine and hold.

Choose a natural and vegan gel varnish

1944 Paris eco-responsible products accompany beauty salons, nailbars, manicure salons and nail technicians in their transition towards an increasingly green cosmetics, respectful of the environment but also of human health. Thus, for our semi-permanent gel varnish based on natural ingredients, we have developed a formula that is guaranteed monomer-free and safe for the skin and respiratory tract.
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