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top 10 lipsticks
trends for fall 2021

Let yourself be tempted by
Lipsticks 1944 Paris

1944 Paris has specially selected for you the 10 best lipsticks for the trendy people until the end of the lips!
of the lips! 

1. lip beautifier

Looking for comfort and protection for your lips ? Then don't wait any longer, and try the lip beautifier that will smooth and soften your lips while dressing them with a delicate shine.

2. the satin finish lipstick

Thanks to its cream formula enriched with baobab oil and apricot oil that moisturizes and softens the lips, the satin finish lipstick promises intensity, hold and comfort.

3. the lip balm

Discover the 1944 Paris lip balms that moisturize and revive the natural color of the lips. Thanks to its melting and comfortable texture, your lips with transparent makeup will have an instant beautiful effect.

4. the pure matte

Treat yourself to a comfortable matte lipstick that will soften and shape dreamy lips. 

5. matte lacquer

Go for a highly pigmented, transfer-free matte liquid lipstick with a texture that fuses with your lips in an instant, until you forget about it.
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